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Thursday, October 27, 2005

stockings, socks

I tried on the lisle stockings - they're so horrible to wear and certainly not attractive no wonder some people wore ankle socks almost the whole time. I suppose I could always go for the ankle sock and wellie boot combo that my sister sported so winningly in August! However I am sure that even with wartime rationning this is not a look that many waaf officers would have worn.
I am going to try making a couple of Maguerite Pattern's cakes from one of her Ministry of Food leaflets so I have dug out all the treacle and wholemeal flour etc that has been lurking at the back of my cupboard and am now trying to decide whether I am really good and use egg substitute or whether I decide that as a vegetarian (my grandmother was one all through the war and got extra cheese and eggs on her ration book)I might have had a couple of extra eggs and use them - yes I know you can make perfectly good cakes without eggs it's just easier with them.
Once that's done I've got my sister'.s dress to finijsh since my sewing machine decided now was a good time to stop working so it's got to be done by hand and all the polishing to be done on my buttons and shoes etc. Still at least I don't have to do that all the time.


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