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Thursday, September 22, 2005

getting ready

Right ruffs all washed, jewellery found etc - need some cutlery which I locked safe in a wooden box but can't find the key! Just got to remember how to be a Tudor - have just been checking the rough outline of Judith's life.
I think she might be pregnant again by this stage I know she has a child(a girl I think?) next year but I can't find the month so it may be later. The child didn't live that long so in many ways I think I would prefer not to play that if I can avoid it.
I will be getting on the train straight from work tomorrow - I have to go right through London, then on busy commuter trains and finally a tiny train which always feels like it's run by clockwork or an elastic band to Sudbury. The contrast between the green fields surrounding Kentwell and the busy urban environment is really marked and I think one of the reasons why coming to Kentwell is so special


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