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Friday, August 19, 2005

Getting ready

A lot of my really small house is currently covered in bits of fabric and various costumes as I attempt to get ready for the next event - and try not to get distracted by half made stuff. It's at times like these that I wish I were really organised. Of course it also helps to have nothing else to do for a few days. You'd also think that by now I would have learned that I can't just knock up an entirely new costume that night before/on the train but I persisit in my dream that I can. But this time - oh yes it's going to be different I promise - it will all be organised, washed, starched (at least the bits that need it) and packed down really small. So there's no need to mention the fact that the ruffs have already been on the washing line for two days and that I can't find any of the shifts..
Still can't find any of the shifts but have found lots of other things that I had forgotten about whilst looking for them - now can't find any plates.


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